Sunday, June 12, 2005

Kell's Big German Scavenger Hunt

My oh so creative pal, Marcy (aka Marhs) in her concern for my mental health, has taken some impressive measures to keep me occupied by drawing up my own personalized scavenger hunt.
Marcy writes:
Kell's Big German Scavenger Hunt--Something to do during the day, a way to meet interesting people, socialize a bit more, learn about what's around, and practice your German, and good stories to share with Ryan when he gets home each night.

Oh-hoh no, Marhs. Not just with Ryan. I'm sharing this with all of you. We all can probably benefit a little from your crafty project, which is why I'll be posting all my tasks on the blog. And just so you're all familiar with the rules:
These need not be done in any particular order or time of day, just find some time (shouldn't be too hard to do, huh?), and go out and explore. It's like your own personal version of the Amazing Race. Sure you could use the internet to figure out where to go, but what's the fun in that? Go out and bring the clues with you and ask people if they can point you in the right direction or tell you where to go to find the answers. You must be IN all the pictures yourself.

Twenty-nine tasks. Admittedly I'll save some for the upcoming family month here but I think it'll help everyone see what my daily world looks like.

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