Tuesday, August 23, 2005


In a preview to a longer beer tour we plan on making in September, we headed up to Brussels this past weekend to wet our whistles with some of the world's finest brews. Delirium Cafe, located next to the Mannekin Pis, hijacked his pipes and took to serving a crowd right from his loins, though if you look close enough at the head (on the beer) you might agree that he looks a little more like Mannekin Jis. Other destinations included the Cantillion Brewery/Museum where the gueuze was as wicked nasty as the cobwebs decorating the walls and La Mort Subite, perhaps Brussels' quintessential pub. Try the Framboise gueuze. After a couple it's frabuleuze.

If you won't be getting to Brussels anytime soon, check out RateBeer for all your beer finding needs, be it tours, bars, or stores. You might even be surprised by the references they have even in your neck of the woods.

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