Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Eyelash Curler

At almost 27 years old, I've discovered my eyelashes by getting one of those eyelash bender thingys. I never had one because I simply deemed it one of those things that was outside the realm of "necessity" in my penniless student years. All things "beauty" pretty much fell in that category. But the purchase now, has come about more as a result of me feeling that one too many eyelashes have committed suicide in my eyeball and less as a result of desired lash enhancement. I've long held a grudge against my lashes, anyway, for a general failure of ability to do their job of filtering out the particles and protecting my eyes. Their "mishaps" involve a history of visiting the eye doc for various embedded particles and bugs to be sawed out of my eyelid. So when the eyelashes, themselves, wind up being the problem? It's time to find alternative solutions.

Turns out an eyelash bender is only 1 Euro 90 at H&M. Reminds me of how I thought window wipers in my student days would be too expensive too. I think I drove around for 2 and a half years with a wiper that was more like a string and an two inch arch to look through my windshield in rainy weather. It also turns out my lashes are looooooong and I can't help but feel like I've had a makeover along the lines of Betty Boop. It's evident I need some practice, though because after 3 squeezes, some of the lashes look crimped.

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