Monday, October 17, 2005

Video Monday! Evolution of Stick Figure

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Technically it's Flash, which might call for a new category of Flash Friday!, but there's a cult out there concerned with the stick figure. You'll quickly figure out that the characteristic elements of the stick figure videos include martial art skills, loud guitar rock, death, and of, course, stick-figuredness (making it something of a cousin to that whole Ninja wave that was out there a couple of years ago).

My introduction started off with this episode from the Xiao Xiao series, though Episode 7 is the most interesting for me probably because it borders on having a plot.

Xiao Xiao remains the only action stick figure series worth watching to me, however there are many many other stick figure series, parodies, and amateur attempts at Stick Figure Death Theater and Newgrounds (though WARNING! Once you've seen Xiao Xiao, sifting through these can be painful unless you're truly looking to kill some time. Who knows, maybe they'll inspire you to do something better. Please do.)

But above all else, I've recently been captivated by hhayha's animations in collaboration with One-Eyed Films and the music of Lodger. These stick figures are "quotidian" in contrast to the action figures above, dealing with more "true-to-life," shocking issues, and have much better music.

Hhayha's movies can be found on Lodger's very interactive website, but in the name of efficiency, I'm providing easier access to them through the links below:
(Warning: though only stick figures, stick sex and substance abuse is present which may make for a questionable viewing at work)

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