Monday, February 13, 2006

Media Monday! Johnny Cash

When Walk the Line started off with Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) at the circular saw in Folsom Prison, I thought, Oh no...not another musical biography with a frame story. I mean, I know I've chosen to come and see a movie about Johnny Cash...I won't be confused if we just start off with a kid in a cotton field. Chronological order is logical enough. But it did exactly that, and you know what? That formula worked *again* for the zillionth time. Especially since they didn't end it with the same first scene. Anyway, it surprises me people still get this confused, but for Video Monday I thought I'd post Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt." Enjoy along with the supplemental media below:

"Rosanne Cash Remembers Her Father, Johnny": *actually* her father hadn't died at the time of this interview on NPR. After having seen the movie, I wondered what had happened to his girls after his first marriage split and how his relationship with his daughters panned out afterwards. This gives some insight (roughly 12 mins.).

Wo ist zu Hause, Mama? mp3: Who knew Johnny had a German side to him?!

Desperado: A comedy, love story, action film, and tribute to the late Johnny Cash by way of a cowboy monkey and his best friend horse. Unfortunately the flash animation falls short of reaching any comedic, sentimental, or active value.

Ring of Fire mp3: Whether you enjoy this June Carter classic for the love song it is, or for various other popular reasons...

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