Monday, March 13, 2006

Video Monday! Why NBC Blows

Looks like there will be some spring cleaning in store for Kellinahandbasket's Video Monday section whether or not I actually take part in the cleaning. Stupid move, NBC. The newest cast member on Saturday Night Live, Andy Samberg, has brought new life to the show specifically through the internet when Fox turned down his first venture with buds, Akiva and Jorma, in Awesometown, which subsequently became an internet hit. So it's no surprise that Samberg's cupcake rap and various other SNL clips have been shared along with a renewed interest in SNL classics that don't even include the kid!

If NBC was smart, they'd consider one of the reasons The Daily Show is wildly successful: they break the show down to clips so that they can exist as an internet medium as well as a television show because people want to watch a show on television and on-demand clips on the internet. Different behaviors for different technologies/media. And while they do work in tandem for some users, if one is going to trump the other in time, it's going to be the internet seeing as it's already integrating television and video, which can be translated to your cell phones and mp3 players. So tell me again, why is it a better decision to kill the epidemic of a show on the internet?

Welcome to the 21st century, NBC.

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