Friday, August 04, 2006

Two New Additions

to the blogroll:
  • fellow grad student and kindred spirit, Jen, explores issues in the writing and teaching of composition and rhetoric as she wraps up the final stages of her Ph.D. Of course, what Ph.D. wouldn't be complete without a little indulgence in the things that procrastinate/keep us sane in acheiving that goal? Therefore expect knitting projects sprinkled here and there amongst the entries of a brilliant and compassionate scholar in On Pens and Neeedles.
  • fellow reader of Chris Glass' blog, Ted, saw Chris' entry on meeting me and was led to my blog, where he commented and related our commonalities. Cincinnati, Crocs, and San Diego among them. Mere days after returning from vacation, I run into this guy at the grocery store where we proceeded to talk long enough that I started to worry about my meats. Anyway Ted's Blog, The Gideonse Bible, both thoroughly entertains and informs on a consistent basis (as he works on his Ph.D. as well!). Jen, meet Ted. Ted, Jen.

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  1. WOW!

    I'd say that's crazy, but I think it's perfectly awesome.