Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Game Week: Santa Balls 2

For the person who prefers puzzles in a game, I give you Santa Balls 2. By far the biggest time killer for me, which is good lest I remind you that the spouse is out of town AND I'm still unemployed. I haven't played Santa Balls 1, but we can only guess that SB2 is an improvement on the first. Click on two adjacent, festive balls to form a line of three or more matching balls and the fun begins. If it sounds like Bejeweled, it is. Macromedia Shockwave required.


  1. remember how playing too much tetris could lead to visions of the game before falling asleep? that wasn't only me, right? well, last night i fell asleep to images of colored balls lining up and dropping out of existence...thanks, kell!

  2. I'm totally with you on the nighttime visions. Unfortunately this time around, all those Santa Balls have brought on a 2 day headache for me. :(