Friday, January 12, 2007

Holiday Wrap-Up

Hey! Happy belated blogiversary to me! Kellinahandbasket is 2 years old!

I'm back after extinguishing the fire my laptop set from holiday game week. And I feel it would be irresponsible of me not to direct you to OLGA if your game week was anything like mine.

Christmas was good--our third together, but first with each other's families back in Cincinnati. A wedding on the 23rd of December was a high school reunion of sorts where I met a long lost friend who lives just 2 wee hours away from me in California. Remember that e-coli outbreak from the spinach not too long ago? She was the only documented case in California. And perhaps even freakier is at this same wedding, a woman who was my leader on a junior year retreat in high school remembered me. We're talking a person that I, among a group of girls, met in '95? '96? for one day.

Needless to say, all this mind-blowing caused me to drink and it's up for debate whether that night gave me the world's longest drunk-induced illness on the planet or whether the following days were a combo of the drink and/or a virus, which eventually moved to--and still is in--my head. And I can still say that despite the illness, Christmas was good and very good to me: I got a MacBook!

Let's review resolutions of years past:

2005: Start and maintain a blog. + I'm still here. And I have to say I never seriously followed through on a resolution until then. It has made me feel obliged to give serious consideration to do-able resolutions since for the sake of self-improvement.

2006: 1. Improve my posture. This flew out the door once that "report" came out that slouching is better for you. 2. Learn about health care. I barely made green on this one. My own selected reading early in the year helped, the stint at the Liver Transplant Clinic reeeeally helped, but I still feel like I don't know enough. 3. Use eye drops. + Turns out I needed them. The eye doc prescribed drops for the allergies. 4. Take vitamins. + It took a while to get through all the disgusting flavors of Emergen-C, but once I found lemon lime, it's been smooth sailing.

And 2007's resolution is, quite simply, to drink more water. At least 8oz before every meal. So far so good, but the strange thing so far is that it seems to have induced more frequent thirstiness.

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