Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel (Really) Live

Friday night, Ryan and I hit the road to LA to see the Jimmy Kimmel show. I hated The Man Show when it was on--Adam Carolla was, quite simply, a d***--but I'd give Jimmy Kimmel a break sometimes because it seemed like he was poking fun at his supposed "manhood." His late night show is a million times better (the few times I've caught it) and since Sarah Silverman was appearing, I thought, heck, why not?

I questioned my assessment when we walked up next to the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard (where I thought Jimmy Kimmel was taped) and it turned out that the show was in the building next door--the Hollywood Masonic Temple. Holy Man Show, indeed.

Aside from feeling like I compromised a part of myself by walking into the former house of the Mason b*******, it was a good time. The studio filtered the crowd into certain seats and they put us right smack in the front in it was more comfortable for us to rest our feet on the stage instead of the ground in front of in the third and fourth seats from the center, next to the extended stage where Kimmel does his in 12 feet from the guest's seat and Jimmy's in it was borderline invasion of each other's personal space. I'm still wondering what the criteria was that put us there because by "filtering" the crowd I mean that they sized us up with another couple that was clearly ten million more times gorgeous than we were--so much so that pre-show when Jimmy Kimmel came out to prime the crowd, he commented on how tan they were and how beautiful their teeth were--and said, yep, these people belong in the first row. My guess is we looked boring and harmless compared to the millions of hard core Slayer fans that showed up, which meant we wouldn't be a disruption or distraction "in the only rows that they could see when taping."

The camera really does add ten pounds. Sarah Silverman was a stick and Jimmy Kimmel isn't *that* bad.

Otherwise two American Idol rejects from Seattle were guests along with an actor from Hero? Heroes? I didn't know the guy. The American Idol guys are clearly a part of the mean-spirited portion of aspect of American Idol, and potentially lend themselves to more mean-spiritedness by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, but I liked the way he handled it. He straddled a line of acknowledging that the larger public sees them as odd, but he treated them like people. I guess we'll really see on Monday after they spend this weekend with him at the Celebrity Golf tournament, interviewing celebs.

Now we have to get to The Price is Right before Bob Barker leaves and the Ellen Show.

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