Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This is What 10 Years Did to Me

Dude. NO ONE would have recognized me without a name tag had I attended my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend.


  1. I would have recognized you Kell... even with your Hollywood shades on.
    Hey,I'm curious... was the midwestern shirt a requirement for the school pictures?
    Marhs wore the same type of thing for her glamour photo. And whilst going out for breakfast over the weekend I noticed that First Watch has incorporated the same warm and friendly look for their uniforms this year.
    Immediately made me think of Marhs' picture. And now yours. Wow... St. Ursula was so progressive 10 years ago...


  2. I think after 12 years of wearing a uniform in school, we didn't know how to function out of school without wearing the same thing.

    Oh and there WAS that drive to influence the fashion of the "upscale" diner servers. We wanted our clothes to say, "safe;" "friendly."

    AND in those days, we had two stores to shop from: American Eagle and the Gap.

    As you can see, my fashion has evolved from plaid to a safe periwinkle solid.

    Otherwise I think I look the same. Plus a few pounds. I even have the same angle of head tilt.

  3. The head tilt was a nice homage, I admit. But safe periwinkle solid? Au contraire! The sunglasses in the hair...signifying that newfound California sophistication, the grass hut background... hinting of your adventuresome spirit since high school...and the imprinted name in canary yellow that eschews the previous angled signature of 10 years ago...a very bold statement, my friend. Very bold, indeed...

  4. Yep. Exact same American Eagle shirt that I wore in my senior pic too, Kell. Did we realize that at the time? :)

  5. the years may pile on, but the smirk remains the same! love the tilt and the work you did to get your name just right. you look great, kell!

    p.s. graduation at mu this weekend--wishing we were sitting in the sunshine at skipper's with an "old chicago"

  6. Anonymous12:50 PM

    You're as beautiful as always.
    Kiss, Michelle