Thursday, November 08, 2007

Love in the 21st Century

I've gotten used to the idea that is a ridiculously successful way to meet your lifelong partner (Hi Rachel, Becca, Chris, Kim, Christy, and Lisa--all separate, successful matches. And btw, I'm kidding meself with the implication that all of them read this), but every once in a while some new way of communicating your love pops up and slaps me in the face to remind me that we're living in the technological age. What's the newest version of proposing during the seventh inning stretch? See here.


  1. You know that woman is hip. Besides the cat, I spotted a tagine in the back.

  2. And she's successfully rockin' the female sideburns.

  3. Thanks for the flickrmail and your kind blog post! It's been fun to see how many people actually saw our proposal - I seem to run into someone every couple of weeks on the internets who saw it.

    RE: the tagine comment above - I hauled that heavy thing all the way back from Fes, Morocco in a backpack, so I'm glad I'm getting hip points for it! ;)