Monday, January 28, 2008

Before January Runs Out...

I have to get back on the blog train...thanks to Becca for getting me back on board. Woo! Woo!

Catching up:
  • Christmas was good. It really was. And that feels like a big deal to say because Christmases have generally been rather joyless since my dad died.
  • My brother got engaged. And this may have been what put a little bit of joy back in Christmas. My brother has found someone I really adore and truly brings out the best in him, which is a relief. It's the most optimistic and at peace I've seen him in a long time.
  • New Year's was anti-climactic. We went to bed hours before midnight and while I made resolutions the last few years, I didn't this year. I think I'm much better at making improvements in my life when the time calls for it instead of on this magic date called January 1. And oddly enough I'm better at effecting change when I don't make public announcements about it...I guess because then I know when I really want something for myself and not just because I'm beholden to what I've told others.
  • Case and point: I've specifically been off the blog because a job opportunity arose on December 28 (as is typical to happen only when I'm traveling) and after some interviewing, etc. I got a little gig as a photography intern! It's unpaid, so in a way I'm still funemployed, but a fun and exciting change, nonetheless. It's all that's been on my mind in January and I needed some self-reflection time to see if I really wanted a career change. Turns out it wasn't that hard to decide since I haven't had much of a career anyway. Btw this is such a cool opportunity to learn the business end of a photography business!
  • I'm in two photography classes now. One is a general digital photography class where the instructor is super bad ass. I'm totally inspired by her. And the other is a short sports photography class, which has been fun because it's really forced me to interact with people I don't know and unearth interpersonal skills that I used to have. Somewhere along the line I started hating people (who am I kidding--it was when we were in Germany) and I became this crotchety old woman waving her cane at any and everything people did wrong. I really felt like the world was working against me. But in the humility of having to ask random people if I could take their picture while they participated in whatever sport, people have been really accommodating and interested. Maybe it's just the vanity of California (there's the old crotchety Kell we know!), but it's really renewed my faith in humanity. It's even been fun and a great way to market myself.
  • And I had a blogiversary this month. It feels lame to celebrate it when this is one post for the month, but w00t! 3 years!
So things are on the upswing. FInally.


  1. Yea!!!1 You're back! I've missed your posts, Kell.

  2. I loved reading this! I'm so in the dark - I know nothing about your time in Germany. It is good to hear everything is, as they'd say in Morocco, "meezyen."