Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cesar Chavez Weekend

Thanks to a guy named Cesar Chavez, it's been a nice, long 3-day weekend - particularly nice because my high school bud, Susan, met me for lunch in Laguna Beach, and I almost died only once on the Socal freeways this weekend.

So spotlight on Susan: There's always a tinge of nervousness when you haven't seen a person for a while because What if they suck now? If they suck it could mean a million different things:
  1. They changed
  2. You changed
  3. You both changed in opposite directions
Okay, maybe it only means 3 things, but the good news is Susan didn't suck. This could also be the result of a million different things:
  1. Neither of us changed
  2. Both of us changed in the same direction, but we still appreciate people with differences because we're thoughtful, smart, caring people who embrace diversity and will cure cancer with our amazingness alone. Oh, and we're pretty.
Well, I'm mostly talking about Susan in the latter part of #2, but back to my original point: Susan didn't suck. She never did. AND, in fact, she's only gotten better. I pretty much want to transplant her inmediatamente to San Diego and hug her so hard that we're like, Oh my god! Your head popped off AGAIN! And then we can barely get it back on because we're laughing so hard and then we eat brownies.

She's as easy-going, even-keeled, and reliable as ever. The reliable part I'm just guessing - she has not yet agreed to be the surrogate mother of our child, raise it, and then give it back to us when it's 18 years old, but we'll see if she passes that test.

And Susan, allow me to be superficial for a minute: Some friends are pretty. Some friends are cute. Some are gorgeous. To me, Susan has always struck me as straight up beautiful. I mean, look at her! As far as "looks" categories go, Susan inhabits the beauty one, which - in my mind - is the cream of the crop. And what makes Susan even more lovable is that she's probably blushing right now.

Susan - Mexico City, Spring Break, 2009. See you there.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Kell, our lunch in Laguna made my trip. I consider myself lucky to count you as a friend and even luckier that you are the kind of friend with whom I can pick up right where we left off even though 4 years time and some 3000 miles have separated us. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again. Oh, and thank you for your glowing comments. Yes, I am blushing. See you in Mexico!

  2. Friends who meet 3000 miles from home are pretty dang special indeed! Susan sounds rad, I can't wait to crush her with love should I ever meet her.