Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LSF Editorial Shoot

Meet the founder, CEO, owner, big cheese, and boss of LSF Editorial, Lauri. A couple weeks back we did some head shots so she would have something nice to put on her Web site's profile to show potential clients that she was the rare combination of being both writerly AND someone with good hygiene. I can vouch for that, too, since she's one of my dear friends in San Diego. She showers AT LEAST once a week. Anyway I think we accomplished that goal.

Interesting side note is that Lauri had told me prior to taking any pictures that she had a "bad side" and preferred shots only on the left side of her face. That black and white picture? That's her bad side. I mean, I know your knee-jerk reaction was probably OH MY GOD! WHO IS THAT CRETIN?! But the lesson here is take pictures of people's supposed bad sides. It may turn out to be a pick. Here's her good side just to allay the shock that you may have experienced from that first picture.

And lastly, a second part of the project was to produce some images that convey writing, editing, the whole she-bang to also integrate into her website. It's still sort of a project in progress, but I quite like this image. I might even frame this one for my own keeping.



  1. Dig the headshot and the book spine.


  2. If pressed to choose, I'd say I prefer the colored photo to the bw photo. And I really liked the book shot!

  3. Thanks guys! I think I'm with Steetoa on this one, Lauri. I'm liking the vertical one on this page HOWEVER I really like the color version of the horizontal one too. Color might be the way to go for your Web site.

  4. Who is this beautiful writer? I simply cannot decide, but if I had to choose, I'd go with the color. It brings out the doe in your eyes. Great job, Kelly!

  5. Kell's photography company's slogan should be: "Spitting Image Photography: We Beautify Your Bad Side." Thanks again lady! I love the pic of the spine of the book so much btw.

  6. Please please come take a pic of me - I never take good ones and this gal looks gorgeous.