Thursday, April 03, 2008


Perhaps when some people look at Ahiida's line of Burqinis they see women's oppression. When I look at Burqinis I see SPF 50+ protection and zero body issues when I'm swimming out to the end of OB's pier with my pal, Lauri.

(Thanks for the tip, L)



  1. wow, they're actually baggy. That's added drag... wonder how they'd fare in the Olympics.

  2. In researching the Burqini for my forthcoming Compact Research: Islam book for ReferencePoint Press, I came across an interesting comment by the Burqini inventor, Aheda Zanettie:

    “I think a woman, no matter how confident she is, has times in her life when she doesn’t want to wear a bikini. This says to women there are choices and it’s OK to make them.”

    It's hard to argue with that. On the days I'm not feeling my two piece, it's nice to know the Burqini is there for me.