Monday, April 21, 2008

I Still Hate the Healthcare System

Our health insurance provider (United Healthcare), like many others, offers the "convenience" of a physician search who applies to your policy. However my experience this afternoon has become relatively typical when trying to simply make *just an appointment* to see someone. Here's what happened with my calls to doctors' offices:
  1. "This number has been disconnected."
  2. Appointments weren't available till June. That doesn't help this painful second head that's growing out of my face NOW.
  3. Busy signal. Why are doctors offices the only places left on earth that don't have a second line?
  4. "This number has been disconnected."
  5. "This number has been disconnected."
  6. Wrong number
  7. 4:30 p.m. is after hours which is convenient since most of us work past that.
  8. I was transferred 3 times until I finally reached the appointment setters. I didn't, however, have a medical record #. I had to call another place to just be assigned a medical record number and then call them back--and I didn't have their number since I was transferred 3 times.
  9. "This number has been disconnected."
  10. After hours.
I gave up after call #10. Hopefully I don't have skin cancer. If I do it was nice knowing you all. I would have liked to have hung around a little bit longer.

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  1. That sucks! My health insurance (Cigna) is so-so, like any other. Howevs, when I had to get in to see a dermatologist *pronto* pre-wedding about the second heart beat emanating from my chin, I was shocked to hear that I could get in the same day at the 1st place I called.

    I've probably now used up the freak chance of that ever happening again.