Monday, April 07, 2008

Tiger to Leopard Transition

To the Mac users out there...

When we got Leopard we did a complete uninstall/ reinstall/ reformatting or whatever you want to call it - not an upgrade to Tiger so as to have smoother sailing in the general operation of the computer. Upgrades are just buggier.

Anyway I was disappointed when that new install did *not* include the iLife applications like iPhoto, Comic Life, Garage Band, etc. which were originally included on my MacBook when I first purchased it. So I just took the Tiger backup discs and tried a bundle install of the iLife applications...a little nervous about trying to install older versions of things compatible with Tiger on top of the Leopard system I currently have running. Maybe this makes sense to some of you. Maybe not. I hadn't read about anyone doing this but so far it seems to have worked seamlessly for me. That is, of course, after having created only one new thing in Comic Life.


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