Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get My New Posts in Your Inbox

Now I KNOW that many of you who read Kellinahandbasket visit almost every day to see if I posted anything new. And thank you--it's really flattering.

Because I don't post every day, however, I want to make things easier for you. I have installed this handy dandy little subscription form on my sidebar that lets you enter your email, and when I post something new, it alerts you via email. In fact it not only alerts you but you can read the whole damn post in your inbox. It won't be as visually pleasing as the real website (and I'm not sure if images will show up correctly) but if that's the sort of thing that bothers you and you need the bells and whistles, the post link is also included in your message so that you can hop right over to the real deal. And P.S. it's starting to sound like a sales pitch but it's not. From the goodness of my warm, squishy heart, I'm just genuinely trying to make your life easier.

All this courtesy of Feedburner. (Again, just a geek reference point. Not a sales pitch.)

The truth is you really should learn about subscribing to RSS feeds because this is the type of thing that makes us seem really old to teenagers, but if you're resistant I'll provide you with this alternative before I shove an RSS tutorial down your throat.

More on that later.


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