Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

When I tell people that my mom still lives in Cincinnati and I'd consider moving back for her, people usually say something like Well at least she has your brother (also in Cincinnati). I mean, yeah, I'm glad he's there for her, but I don't feel like that makes up for my lack of presence. I love my mom very much, enjoy her company, and miss her especially on a day like today.

Because I'm lame, my present will arrive on the late side, but here's a virtual flower for me mum in the mean time from our back yard:

Happy mother's day to all the other hardworking moms as well, especially mom-in-law, Kathy.

(Side note for the photographers: this is a tip straight from Scott Kelby--black background with flowers. And that black background? That's my black fleece jacket.)


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