Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mediterranean Cruise 2009

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Just got back from our western Mediterranean cruise that my mom took us on with my bro, sister-in-law, aunt, and cousin and it didn't disappoint. I was excited for my mom and Ryan to see one of my favorite areas: the South of France and to my delight, they loved it and got a firsthand taste of what made me fall in love with France.

I was a little worried about going back--I wasn't sure if I had overly idealized the South of France in my mind after all these years and I was certain I wouldn't have the same experience as a bona fide tourist as opposed to a student studying there, but the instant we set foot in Villefranche, I was instantly on cloud nine...I mean really happy. Plus it turns out German hasn't ruined my French--I had great interactions that were mostly seamless and even had one instance where I switched between French and German without mixing them up (when both nationalities were present). That separation never happened for my brain.

I've got to retire to the French Riviera or spend another chunk of my life there at some point. I mean, GOD, I'm in my element there. And it's cheaper than San Diego.


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  1. I love it - what a fabulous sounding trip! I hope you had some pastis and played petanque. :) We've been watching the TdF and it brings me back....

    I wonder when on earth I'll make it back to western Europe... I haven't been there since 2001, for God's sake. Francophone Africa is much more forgiving of all my mistakes. :)