Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Chainsaws in the 'burbs

This morning I woke up to the distant sound of chainsaws and in my half-awake state believed for a split-second that I woke up in my childhood house of Milford, Ohio. All the stranger because everything about where we live in Heidelberg couldn't be more opposite than Milford, given our urban apartment, different country, and Germans' philia for making the ecosystems and jungles overflowing from their balconies thrive (so why would anyone be cutting anything down? I figure someone's ficus had overgrown and trapped them inside). So for a moment I got a little nostalgic, thinking about Saturday mornings and chainsaws, and then I remembered how annoying it was...even this morning I would have preferred not to have been awakened. But back me up, here...does anyone else remember the Saturday morning chainsaws in the suburbs? What the hell needed to be cut down *every* weekend? And why were we sawing at 7am?


  1. You have succeeded in giving me the most frighteningly vivid flashbacks of my childhood...I can't believe we had any trees left in Galion!

  2. That's what I'm talking about! Maybe instead of "Save the Rainforest" we should concern ourselves more with "Save the Continental Deciduous Forest!"