Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Fantasy Stock Market
Chew on This
Spring has Sprung
Fasching/Mardi Gras 2006
Alte Aula
Media Monday! Live at Karlstorbahnhof
Death Cab for Cutie Concert
Separated at Birth
New Year's Eve...The Aftermath
New Year's Day
Shortest Day of the Year
Flat Sean
Of Bauhaus and Bobs
Mannheim Heidelberg International Film Festival
City Hall Marriages
The Vögel and the Bienen
Euphemism Generator
Birthdays and Ramadan

Garmisch-Partenkirchen & Neuschwanstein
Spring is in the Air!
Every Culture has Their "Asshole" Group
Reverse Culture Shock
Onward Young German Student
German Elections
Footsy? Floozy? Celebrating One Year in Deutschland
Cloud Machine
Cancer as a Foreign Language
How NOT to do Business
Stalker Update (Heidelberg Thermalbad/pool)
Is This Thing on?
R.I.P., Favorite Restaurant...
Vandalizing, Anyone?
Chainsaws in the 'burbs
Photoshop Madness (Weinheim)
ani difranco and andrew bird in frankfurt
Square 1, Day 1, Deutsche 1
Diagnosing Clogged Pipes
I say Mardi Gras, you say Fasching...

Heidelberg's Vampire Ball
Staring Contest
Drinking Tips from Europe
Bathing in Baden Baden

Kell's Big German Scavenger Hunt
Task #1: Schlierbach

Task #3: Wieblingen
Task #4: Heidelberg Castle Gardens
Tasks 5 & 6: Madonnas & Jesuit Church
Task #7: Mannheim Water Tower

Task #9: Find Spargel
Part 2 of the spargel
Task #10: Bowling
Task #11: Luisen Park

Tasks 13 & 14 of Marcy's Scavenger Hunt
(continued from previous)
Task #15 Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church)
Task #16: Nearby Park
Task #17 Bunsen Statue
Task #18 Elizabeth's Arch
Task #19 Philosophenweg
Task #20: Green Sauce (Grüner Soße)

Task #22: Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art
Task #23: The Frankfurt Dom
Task #24: Student Residence Hall
Task #25: Studentenkarzer (Prison)
Task #26: That Funky Monkey
Task #27: Nazi Ampitheater
Task #28 The Plaques
Task #29: The Heidelberg Zoo

Photos of Heidelberg

Helpful Heidelberg Area Links (under construction)

Moving Sale (we're leaving by May 2006 and need to get rid of items that aren't compatible in the USA)

Apartment for Rent / Wohnung zu Vermieten

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