Friday, September 23, 2005

Task #28 The Plaques

Above the stores/homes in this area are little plaques saying who used to live there. Pick your favorite store/home and ask inside about the person whose name is listed on the plaque. Take your photo outside the store with the person who was able to tell you about the one that lived there.

Goethe gets most of the attention around here...he breathed here and clipped a fingernail there, but he was a freaking Mason so I'll be moving on to other Heidelberg sweethearts. My favorite, William Salomon-Calvi (upper left-hand corner of pic), was a geologist and honorary citizen in Heidelberg from 1901-1934. You know how I love rocks, crust, all the minerals, and natural resources like coal and petroleum that have been central to many of today's problems. Then there's the, uh, infamous painter William Trubner, who was born February 3, 1851 in one of these houses. You may remember some of his works. I don't.

The ornate plaque with the lion on it actually represents when the building, itself, was built (1903-1904). The existence of these are aplenty as well, but this one deserved some attention. I think it's more impressive than the building. Next (top right) is where the mother, Henriette, of Neoclassical painter Anselm Feuerbach lived from 1856-1868. Interestingly, I didn't see any fathers credited anywhere. And unfortunately I took the last picture too far away, but I think it was some neuro-analyst guy. All of these (and more!) are included in that whole "look up" tour I talked about earlier.

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