Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Onward Young German Student

Just fyi, when you look at all the Heidelberg tour sites or the city site itself, they'll all show you these sunshine-y versions of Heidelberg that I hardly know. The past two weeks have been relatively nice but the above photo is pretty accurate in terms of what the weather is like most of the time. This was the view from my past German course.

The update is that I took my German test yesterday afternoon and passed. I'm having my end of class internal debate on whether I should continue with daily classes or cut them down to two nights a week. Why should I cut down, you ask? Because I still have that pesky Masters that I don't like talking about to finish. But if anyone has ever had the amount of free time that I do then you might sympathize with just how hard it is to discipline yourself into getting stuff done. I think I'm probably getting more done with a class (even though it isn't much) than if I had the day wide open to me. Somehow I did it when I was at school. I guess it's just easier when you have a community around you. And I don't feel like I can give up the German classes because they're really too valuable to life here. After a year I'm still having a hard time knowing where to focus my energy.

So I guess it's tally ho, German class.

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  1. I think that the whole idea of getting LESS done when you have MORE time available to you is only something you can understand from experience. I can't imagine someone who has not had the pleasure of going through a "lull" in life really understanding this phenomenon. I sure as hell wouldn't.