Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Task #19 Philosophenweg

Take a stroll here. Take a picture of someone you see (they don't need to know but make sure the scenery is in the picture too) and write a short story about what they are doing.

That lady in the red circle is Anna. She hates her name. She's hated it for the past 57 years, but what are you going to do when the hospital requires that a parent assign a name to a child from a musty black book of government approved names? She's over it. She just wishes for a little more uniqueness. Not Skye or Blossom or Lily or Soil or Gravel or any other name of nature that the Americans seem to be choosing more and more and then adding their own sort of spelling flair. Just something not as sweet as "Anna" because she's not sweet. In fact, at the moment, her stomach is feeling rather sour. Damn spastic colon. She calls it spastic colon because she feels that it sounds better than calling it Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She'd rather make people think of the irregular movements that the muscles in her colon are making rather than her bowels. The word "bowels" even sounded like a disgusting, gaping hole of filth. The doctor said, No caffeine. She stopped drinking coffee. Less alcohol. She didn't drink anyway. More exercise. She climbed up this godforsaken hill. No dairy. Come to think of it, milk gave her stomach a fit. More fiber. And this is what she thinks is killing her. She always hated cereal but is giving it an honest go. Trouble is, cereal needs milk. But the milk is wrenching her stomach so much that Anna gives it all up and jumps into a batch of thorns 20 meters down the hill. BUT THAT'S NOT IT! Later the crows come and pick the flesh off her bones and get curiously bad stomach aches themselves. One by one they fall off their branches, dead. The flies get to them. They die. The microorganisms get to the flies. Then they die. Then the rest of the world dies because it's really the microorganisms who run this whole ecosystem thing and the rest of the world can't survive without them.

Man this story is as bad as War of the Worlds.

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  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Wow. All that in such a beautiful setting. Poor Anna. Poor birds.