Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Task #20: Green Sauce (Grüner Soße)

Try this famous dish in Frankfurt

In this task, Marhs included a plate full of a peculiar green sauce, hard-boiled egg, and sliced
potato. My guess is that Marhs was trying to be a bit naughty by making me try something that has a nasty appearance. Lucky for me, Frankfurt's grüner Soße, which is really more of a regional side specialty wasn't bad. It came with some beef and potatoes and I assumed that I was supposed to put it on my beef, but I also put it on my potatoes to be sure that I wasn't missing out on some magical combination of food. Green sauce is pretty much herbed sour cream or a tamer version of the sour and a stronger version of the herb. So really I guess it's more of Frankfurt's regional condiment specialty. Try it, I suppose, but if we're going to talk German condiments, I'd recommend the curry Soße which you'll find on their curry wurst and fries at Fests. My understanding is that Heinz (of ketchup fame) now makes a curry "ketchup" in the states, which you can find in grocery stores. Try it out on your wursts for something different.


  1. Your smile is just stunning. Need some dental floss?

  2. Anonymous5:57 AM

    It was disgusting looking. But, I figured hey, "When in Rome..." right? Glad it was better than expected! Nice picture! :)