Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Eve...The Aftermath

It will all be cleaned up on January 3rd when some of the public workers are back at it, but the firework carnage is amazing.

As for the picture on the right, I'm left to guess that a different kind of fireworks display took place around the block from us. A dozen roses, a jar of golden liquid, and two bras? I'm intrigued. Next year we'll be sure to take a stroll around the block.

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  1. Laura5:18 PM

    People are partying in the streets? Fireworks? Chucking their bras? Peeing in jars?
    That sounds awesome!!

  2. And after this year I'm convinced that street level is safer. I knew it was midnight when a firework narrowly missed our window but still lit our living room up pink. That said, I'm still amazed at my choice to stick my head out the window to watch and dodge.