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Helpful Heidelberg Area Links

Moving to Heidelberg? We're moving out by May 2006. Check out some of the items we're selling before someone else gets them. Most things are under a year and a half old and largely discounted. Also check out our Apartment for Rent / Wohnung zu Vermieten.

As far as I'm concerned,
this is the best map of Heidelberg and its neighborhoods out there. You can search addresses and main points of interest including not only tourist sites, but hospitals etc. I was lucky enough to get a print version from a real estate agent, but other good maps including bike paths are available for a couple Euros at the Tourist Information booth outside the train station/Hauptbahnhof. Maporama does fine, but it's geared more toward driving directions so you won't get the visuals pointed out to you as much, which I find is more important in Europe since you're rarely dealing with a grid system in the cities.

Living in Heidelberg Stuff, but Visiting Too

The Official City of Heidelberg Web Site Where to find everything from the piles of papers every expat or foreigner needs to smoke-free restaurants (though, I'm telling you now that the smoke-free aren't the good ones. Another section under the heading "Restaurants with Non-smoking Areas" has a few).
Heidelberg Convention and Visitors Bureau
MVV Life Electricity, gas, water dealings along with the street train schedules.
Heidelberg Neighborhoods
Heidelberg Weather Germany's weather channel.
Deutsche Post Germany's Post Office.

Learning German Resources

Internationales Studienzentrum
German as a Foreign Language Philology
Studying at Ruprecht-Karls Universitat Heidelberg
Deutsche Welle


Cinemaxx & Cineplex -Mannheim- Click on "Programm" and then "English Movie" to see what mainstream American movie is playing at either of the theaters. Usually one or two English movies per week with a short running time. Tickets vary in price depending on how long the movie is and where you sit (front is cheaper than the back--5-8 Euros), so there is, in turn, assigned seating as is the case with all theaters. English movies *usually* play at Cinemaxx, though they've also occasionally been known to play at Cineplex. If you make a mistake on which theater is playing what, it's okay because they're not terribly far from one another (a fast-paced 5 minute walk). Just don't be late.

Karlstorkino -Heidelberg- Click on "Kinoprogramm" for a schedule of various international and independent films, which will err more on the artsy, cerebral side of films. While most of them might appear anything but English-friendly, the acronym "OmU" at the end of the titles indicate "Original mit Untertiteln" or "Original with subtitles." Now these subtitles could be German, they could be French, or they could be English. From time to time you'll come across either an English film or foreign films subtitled in English. You'll have to click on the film titles to find out if it's "englisches Original" or "mit englischen Untertiteln" in the section under the film name (in orange).

Kinopolis -Viernheim- Seemingly rare that English movies are played in the original version, and if they are, they're usually the same ones playing at Cinemaxx and Cineplex. They're also a tad unreliable. We went here to see a scheduled movie only to find out that they simply decided they weren't going to show it that night. Okaaaay. Otherwise Kinopolis is an alternative to look at if Cinemaxx or Cineplex aren't going to work out for you.

Schloss Kinos, Kamera, Harmonie Lux, Kamera, and Gloria/Gloriette -Heidelberg- These are Heidelberg's babies, some of which take part in the annual Mannheim/Heidelberg International Film Festival in November. Again, mostly films in German (we're in Germany, people!), but occasionally has a film in its original English version which will be pointed out (click on programm again and select your kino if unsure). For the longest time I thought they were all strictly anti-original version because I'd never see a schedule showing any original versions, but you have to be patient and a little more earnest in your schedule-checking effort than I was.

Spas, Pools, Saunas

Miramar Weinheim (blog post)
Kur-Royal Bad Homburg
Friedrichsbad Baden Baden (blog post)
Caracalla Baden Baden
Thermalschwimmbad Heidelberg (blog post/picture)
Hallenbad-Köpfel Heidelberg
Freizeit-Bad Tiergartenstraße Heidelberg
Hallenbad-Hasenleiser Heidelberg
Darmstädter-H-C Heidelberg

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