Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stalker Update

Heidelberg Thermalbad
Aufwiedersehen swimming pool! Stalker has struck again and this time outside of his workspace. So as the days start to reach 90 degrees I may as well rule the pool out, seeing as Stalker has decided to hijack the place (note: Stalker doesn't live in my neighborhood). Today's encounter, in a nutshell, goes something like this: after I took a walk around the block to avoid the more direct route of strolling past the restaurant, Stalker appeared out of nowhere and gleefully announced he was going swimming too! Luckily he hadn't bought his token yet (public pools here work like subway systems with a machine to get a token/ticket and then through a turnstile) so when he started telling me that he was alone, I smiled and told him to have fun and then ran inside. I ripped my easily identifiable red shirt off and buried my face in a book and it worked because Stalker came around twice in his bikini looking (sadly) for me. I got a few nervous laps in and packed it all up because I can't really read outside anyway.

...I didn't say it was an interesting story...

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