Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mannheim Heidelberg International Film Festival

The Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival is over. And it has been for a week. I'm kicking myself for not being more attentive to the schedule because it 's the first larger-than-a-university-setting film festival that I've been to and there's a cool aspect knowing that your vote can help determine the age-old question of "what is art." Very cool atmosphere and people with the added bonus of question and answer sessions with those involved in making the films. Conclusion: especially for a native English speaker in the area in November this is a worthwhile venue to check out if nothing else because there's an energy in the air that's contagious. Unfortunately we only saw one film by the time we realized that the movies were subtitled in English and that film turned out to be from the US. Man Push Cart which was directed by Iranian American Rahmin Bahrani. It was a character sketch...something that after years of writing I have a hard time grappling with...so it's probably absurd for me to ask what are the goals or motivations of a "character sketch?"

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