Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Alte Aula

Man! This is one hard place to get into! On my third trip back to Alte Aula, I finally made it in--barely. Now remember, folks, I'll reiterate that being a part of the university, Alte Aula follows university holidays and breaks (which are a plenty), is always closed on Mondays, and now I've come to find out that it closes during a certain window of time on the days it *is* open so they can Pledge the place for 9 hours. And I can only vaguely tell you that the beginning of that cleaning time was on a Thursday afternoon around 1pm-ish. The staff ever so graciously let me visit for a generous 15 seconds in what was once the Student Auditorium (now Old Auditorium). As you can imagine, it was here that students came to listen to debates, with a not-so-visible podium in the front, and one at the back where the photo was taken in what we would consider the choir loft...next time Ryan and I have a "debate," I'll place him on one side of the room and I'll climb up a ladder on the other side of the room and see how communication works itself out.

Opening Times (follow the hours of the Student Prison and University Museum)
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