Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Task #4: Heidelberg Castle Gardens

"During his reign, Friedrich V (1613-1623) demanded that this place be turned into the eighth wonder of the world. Go there and have someone take your picture in this area. Wear blue."

So I've been a let down about including myself in a lot of these pictures, however if it's proof you want that I was there, I'll let this photo of my goofball guests, Katherine and Julie, serve as that. Otherwise Freddy V was looking to turn the gardens of the Heidelberg Schloss into that eighth wonder of the world, but as you might be able to tell from the picture, dreary, cold winters weren't exactly nurturing the sculpted vegetation that once covered this vast expanse of land around the castle. Well that and all the wars. And the fires...I mean, he had a good idea going (think France's Loire valley) and I'm all about rehabbing and environmental improvement, but eighth wonder of the world is hard to imagine here despite some nice strolling areas, a fountain, and fantastic views. Just seems a little like some city in Delaware entering itself as a candidate city for the 2016 Olympic Games. I'm sure there's a charming Delaware...but it's hard to forsee any real global pull in their power. Then again, Delaware never had a king.

Not that this should be avoided when visiting Heidelberg--the Castle, afterall, is Heidelberg's main attraction, complete with the Guiness Book of World Records' largest wine barrel! Not to be missed! The common sense approach is simply that the gardens are clearly more enjoyable when paired with warmer weather visiting.

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