Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Task #18 Elizabeth's Arch

"Walk though the triumphal arch that supposedly was built in a single night by Prince Elector Friedrich V in 1615 as a birthday present for his English princess, Elizabeth Stuart."

While it was a nice thought, Elizabeth's Arch is now a modern day death trap with all the traffic that comes whipping around it. Remember that part in The Neverending Story with the the big-bossomed, winged, laser-shooting sphinxes and they narrowly miss blasting Atreyu when he rolls through? It's like that to get to this tiny island of grass. (And I had no idea that The Neverending Story is German...based on the book by Michael Ende) Remember that part where Atreyu's horse sinks into the mud? Man that was the saddest. I mostly remember those two parts and just that everyone was screaming each other's name all the time: FALKOR! ATREYU! BASTIAN! THE NOTHING! oh and the wolf. I think I'd still be uncomfortable watching that movie...mostly just because Atreyu was freakin' *stressed out.*

Anyhow, this is Elizabeth's Arch and it's also supposedly not finished. That's what you get when you procrastinate on getting your lover's birthday gift.

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