Thursday, February 10, 2005

I say Mardi Gras, you say Fasching...

I did have an unexpectedly fantastic Mardi Gras (Fasching in German) beginning with an enormous parade midday that I had no idea was going to take place on an abnormally sunny day. And the parade started at the end of our block.

Note the joy in my face at having something to do
or it may be because I'm eating weisswurst

The crowd on our street (Bergheimer Strasse)

Scariest part of the parade: Pine Cone Man

The corner of our block

Frau Erle partying it up

Frau Erle lives directly above us. We wake up almost every morning to her pounding something. Our best guess is that she's making schnitzel every goddamn day. But she's sweet so it's okay.

View from our window of the clean up

Later that night we went to a nearby town called Weinheim which had a big Fasching celebration and met up with friends, drank, and danced.

Guido, Dan, Vera, & Ryan in Weinheim

Rule #1: Never stop dancing for the camera

The last picture was taken about ten minutes before we left. I had just taken my coat off. Somehow I managed to dance for two hours layered in a teeshirt, angora sweater, and down coat.

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