Monday, September 19, 2005

Tasks 5 & 6 in Heidelberg

#5: Take your picture next to two of the Madonnas erected to promote Catholicism in the area. One is near your home.

Seems easy enough, however, my measly four pictures don't do justice to the number of
Madonnas that are hanging around town. There are a gazillion tours a person could do of Heidelberg and the Hauptstrasse (Main pedestrian street). Two basic and worthwhile tours are the "Look up" tour and the "Look down" tour (hopefully that's self-explanatory). But the Madonnas Marcy's talking about are the second and fourth pictures. The last Madonna is the one "near my home" on Kornmarkt, though sorry Marhs, the second Madonna is actually closer. *Side note: the Heidelberg Hauptstrasse is something like the longest pedestrian street in Germany or Europe or the world.
#6: Go to the place that another Madonna sculpture is famously located. It's inside a building founded by the same order that founded Ryan's high school. Stand at A4 and take a photo of the outside of the building. If permitted, take a photo of the Madonna altar piece. If not permitted, at least get the name of the artist who made this piece called "The Silver Madonna in Radiant Glory." Hold something purple in the picture.

It's the Jesuit Church that Marhs is talking about. I don't know what A4 is (hopefully an easier spot to take a picture of this place), but here's my shot, nonetheless. Again it's the second Madonna we're talking about, and I'll be damned if I can't find the artist even on the internet. Silver Madonna? Isn't that, like, the singer in the "Fever" video? So, no, I couldn't stand by the Madonna without setting alarms off.

(More Photos here)


  1. By the way, I've confirmed that the Heidelberg Hauptstrasse is the longest pedestrian zone in Europe.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    You're such a good scavenger hunter! :) A4 was supposedly the corner of some street. I read it online and they said the area was set up in a grid and people knew it by A4, B5, (sounds like BINGO to me!) Sorry... that's all I know. Maybe one day we'll find the A4. Must be glorious.