Sunday, June 12, 2005

Task #9: Find Spargel

On a Tuesday, go to the Marktplatz near your home and buy some "spargel." Have your picture taken as you purchase it, then go home and use it as a side-dish for dinner and take a picture of that too. If you need a recipe for it, email me.

Check. It couldn't be as specifically executed as Marhs wished--unfortunately the market closes on Marktplatz before I get out of class and I'll admit, this was Wednesday...or Thursday...I can't remember.

So for all of you out there scratching your head, spargel (pronounced shpar-gl) is essentially white asparagus. It's apparently a delicacy in the States and therefore on the expensive side because of its rarity. Here, at the moment, it's more uncommon *not* to see a restaurant advertising its spargel spezialitäten since it *is* spargel season (roughly mid-May to mid-June). Spargel to the Germans is what shrimp was to Bubba: able to be prepared a gazillion different ways with our favorites including spargel topped with Hollandaise sauce, Bernaise sauce, or made the Milanese way (topped with hot olive oil and shredded parmesan). And unless you're making spargel soup or something else more complicated, it's super easy, though, shhh! The secret is getting as much of the skin off as possible and throwing sugar in with the boiling spargel to cut the bitterness! Actually I'm not sure that's a secret. A German friend flat out told me to add the sugar.

As you can tell by the picture above, buying or selling spargel is definitely the cool thing to do.

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  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Yeah! One down, 28 to go! You're right, the pic of you and Ryan with the spargel is much better than a boring old picture of it sitting on a plate. :) What a cool stand! I wish I could go buy asparagus at a cool stand like that. But no, I just get it at Kroger. Not that that is not exciting, as they have just built "the largest Kroger in the world" near my house in Anderson. But, still...