Friday, July 08, 2005

Family Month

Apologies for the lack of posts at the moment. We're two weeks into family month here and have a little less than two more weeks to go. I'm kind of bummed that we're not heading to Karlsruhe today to watch the finish of today's stage of the Tour de France (the only stage *outside* of France and just a mere 20mins away from us!)...just when you think you've thought of something cool for everyone to do...ah well.


  1. Sounds like you ought to ditch the fam! Family month? I have trouble getting through lunch!

  2. I've learned something *very* valuable in the past two weeks...FAMILY GAME NIGHTS! Truly, what a Godsend. What else 1)makes the time pass, 2)curtails uncomfortable/critical conversations about personal life, and 3)curtails conversation about the issues you know you'll never see eye to eye on, nor will be capable of persuading anyone to see? It works with Ryan's family and they even root each other on(!?)...we're talking straight off the 80's Yahtzee box which more than likely featured that same happy, fist-pumping family. And I suspect it might work with my mom. Cross your fingers, anyway.