Sunday, July 24, 2005


I'm thinking about becoming a pharmacist AND a scientologist. Just think of the salary I'll make for doing nothing because my job is against my religion...


  1. Laura8:01 AM

    Heh, or you could perscribe stuff, and then feel guilty about it, hook yourself up to a machine, and then zoom, all better! The magic machines take away your guilt. Thank you L. Ron Hubbard!
    I remember when Rob and I went into the scientology building in D.C.
    Them: "We can bring your personality score from a 3 to a 10!!"
    Us: "Ten of what?"
    Us: "We came in for donuts. But as you don't have any, see ya."

  2. I like this. All you would have to do all day is say, "Vitamins are that way."