Friday, July 22, 2005

Les Nouvelles

Friends, I had a couple of discoveries yesterday that you might like to partake in as well:

"Nouvelle Vague" is a compilation of both songs from the early 80's and a variety of French chanteuses produced by Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux. Best described by their website,
Their idea was to forget the initial punk or new wave background of each song, keep simple fundamental chords, work with young singers who never heard the original versions, and make the quality of original songwriting happen in a completely different way (bossa nova, jazz style and sixties pop).

Hence the Nouvelle Vague or "new wave" entitlement or what the Portuguese call Bossa Nova. It's a good album in its entirety but I find myself mostly revisiting "Just Can't Get Enough," "Guns of Brixton," "Making Plans for Nigel," and "I Melt with You."

Tracklisting includes:
1. Love Will Tear Us Apart feat. Eloisa (Joy Division)
2. Just Can't Get Enough feat. Eloisa (Depeche Mode)
3. In a Manner of Speaking feat. Camille (Tuxedomoon)
4. Guns of Brixton feat. Camille (The Clash)
5. This is Not a Love Song feat. Melanie Pain (P.I.L)
6. Too Drunk to Fuck feat. Camille (Dead Kennedys)
7. Marian feat. Alex (Sisters of Mercy)
8. Making Plans for Nigel feat. Camille (XTC)
9. A Forest feat. Marina (The Cure)
10. I Melt with You feat. Silja (Modern English)
11. Teenage Kicks feat. Melanie Pain (The Understones)
12. Psyche feat. Sir Alice (Killing Joke)
13. Friday Night, Saturday Morning feat. Daniella D'Ambrosio (The Specials)

(After a lengthy amount of time with family) The only reason why teenagers are the way they are is because they live with their parents. Kids should move out at 13.

Job Search
If you're tired of, try Simply Hired. It's a Job Search engine in the works that pulls listings from newspapers and other search engines as broad as Yahoo! HotJobs to the friendly and as specific as If nothing else it serves as a great directory and is simply simple. (So far I haven't seen on there, though). I'm trying to put together a folder of good job search sites so recommendations welcome.

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    So, tell us all about Family Month. Who all came? What did you do and see?

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