Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big Boys Balloons

I'm confused. I'm not sure if there's an innuendo here or not. Something tells me that these guys are actually innocently selling big balloons. (be sure to browse the photos)


  1. Laura6:51 PM

    How did you find this site?
    I think it's telling that they said that it was for "balloon fetishists." Hmmmm

  2. I got it from this guy named Chris Glass. I don't know him but I check out his blog all the time (which has a link on my sidebar) mostly for Cincinnati nostalgia's sake because he covers the side of Cincinnati I like and is an all around interesting photographer with a seemingly equally interesting life. I have the feeling that if I ever run into him, I might have a mild version of being star-struck because I've never written him just to say, "Hey. I'm a fan of your site."