Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Media Monday! "Nuestro Himno"

Silly foreigners and immigrants! The rule is: Freedom of Speech IN ENGLISH. It's actually in our Gettysburg Rights and something like the 63rd Amendment, but I'm not sure because I haven't studied all that government stuff since, like, sixth grade...or maybe sixth grade was Mesopotamia...either way some of you (like you Mesopotamians out there) might be thinking, isn't Freedom of Speech interchangeable with Freedom of Expression? And that's a good point. And as a gen-you-wine American I can tell you that we love expression! Why just the other day my buddy farted out a pretty close rendition of the Star Spangled Banner! My mom and neighbor thought it was dead on, but I thought it stunk, if ya know what I mean. Anywho, your confusion between "Speech" and "Expression" might be a sign that you need to study up a little more on your English because it DOESN'T mean speaking Mexican all over the place or translating whatever you feel like. Part of being American is understanding English IN ENGLISH. Just thought I'd do my part to help explain it all.

The sky is falling yet again in the Divided States of America:

Spanish version of the "Star Spangled Banner." Adam Kidron's controversial rendition featuring Wyclef Jean, Pitbull, Carlos Ponce, and Olga Tanon.

German version

Yiddish version

Italian version (bottom of the page)

French version (bottom of the page)

:Arabic version
آه، قل: هل ترى،
في ضوء الفجر المبكر،
ما حييناه بعزة
في أواخر وميض المغرب؟
خطوطه العريظة ونجومه اللامعة،
طول ليلة الخطر،
فوق المتراس الذي رقبناه
كانت ترفرف بشجاعة.
ولمعان الصواريخ الأحمر
والقنابل تنفجر في السماء
بيّنت لنا طول اليل
أن علمنا لا يزال هناك.
آه، قل: ذالك البيرق المنجم
ألا تزال ترفرف
فوق بلاد الأحرار
ووطن الشجعان؟

Japanese version
  1. おお、見ゆるや 夜明けの淡き光を受け
    先の夕暮れ 陽が落ちるとき 我らが歓呼しもの
    そは太き縞と輝く星なり 危うきいくさのあいだ
    塁壁の上に見たり 勇壮にひるがえりし かの旗/
    のろしの赤き炎立ち 砲音宙に轟くなか
    耐え抜き 旗はなおそこにあり
    おお、星散りばめたる旗は 今なおたなびくや
    自由なる大地 勇者の故郷に
  2. 岸辺の霧 その濃く深きとばりのなか
    傲慢なる敵の軍勢 畏れ息ひそめたる
    かは何ぞ 断崖そびゆる向こう
    時折吹くそよ風に 隠れ 見ゆるもの/
    今まさに 朝の新しき光を一筋受け
    大いに輝き 風を受けはためく
    そは星散りばめたる旗よ とこしえにたなびけ
    自由なる大地 勇者の故郷に
Just to name a few. Many other languages can be found in the sidebar of Wikipedia's article on "The Star Spangled Banner."

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