Thursday, June 15, 2006

SoOo Cal

It's amazing what a car and a little sun can do to delay the blogging. Plus there was that move in there, but it's official: I'm living in this beautiful place called San Diego.

My lotion sessions have, therefore, taken on a whole new meaning. I've switched to a daily lotion with SPF 15 included, but I read this article today and am feeling anxious about looking at the back of the bottle.
Experts say the best protection against UVA is a sunscreen that includes zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or avobenzone. Consumers should also look for those that are water-resistant and have an SPF of 30 or better, indicating strong protection against UVB rays, and apply liberally and often.

What I hate about articles like these, not to mention the American Cancer Society (currently featuring a photo of a sunscreen fan on the homepage) and Skin Cancer Foundation's web sites, is that they don't tell you specifically which brand of sunscreen fufills this criteria. The idea of educating the public is undermined when they fail to follow through on the research and offer "solutions." It's flattering that they think the public is so motivated as to stand in the sunscreen aisle for an hour, reading labels, but unrealistic.

I'll update after my sojourn to the store.


  1. publicprivate11:06 AM

    Yay! Kel's return to blogging!
    They probably don't want to call out sunscreens that work, to encourage client interest and then maybe all the sunscreens would change to their criteria. yeah.

  2. When you find a good one, let me know. I put on some "No Ad" 15 last weekend, and I'm pealing like a carrot (or somethin') right now.

    I read on Chris Glass that you're a Cincinnatian, too! I grew up there and live in SD now. And I just bought my first pair of Crocs. Freaky.

  3. I've been using Lubriderm with SPF 15 included (the one with the purple pump) and I've felt it's already worked great, but the article left me feeling as though it wasn't enough since it doesn't include all of these. The killer right now is just that there's still a half bottle left, but the answer will come.

    As far as the Crocs, I'm loving them. I've heard others complain that they make their feet sweat but they're light, airy, and toe-nail protectors for me!