Sunday, June 25, 2006

Was in San Diego, Am in Cincinnati, Will Be in the Mediterranean

Nine months since I've been back to the 'nati and multiple people have reproduced to affirm this precise time frame. Having never seen these people pregnant, I think the babies are taking on this weird Brave New World/Gattaca feel to me. Or maybe because I just saw Gattaca.

Came back for a friend's wedding, which was a blast and high school reunion of sorts, but have gotten much much more:

What's up, Cincinnati? Desdemona Festival? Awesome. Had a taste on Friday with the Sundresses and Ghostface and am looking forward to the Fiery Furnaces, Heartless Bastards, and Walkmen tonight. A scant crowd on Friday didn't seem to bode well for the festival's livelihood in the future, but it's an event worth continuing.

When you read his blog (June 24, 2006 "Desdemona Festival") our story will seem so circular, but in that scant crowd a guy walked by wearing brown Crocs, which caught my attention for several reasons: 1) I own Crocs too, 2) No one seems to have them in Cincinnati, compared to San Diego, and 3) I've recently been struck by how great the brown ones actually look--I had my doubts. So the brown factor had me eyeing his feet to the stage and when I looked up, it was Chris Glass. As in, the guy whose web log I link to in my sidebar because I think it's so darn great, even if it didn't cover my hometown. And because I don't know him, he's something of a celebrity to me, yet he wanted to take my picture?! (Check out his photos, people. This is his forte) Chris is every bit as cool and friendly and beardy as his site would have you think and certainly my odd highlight of the evening. I mean, I was able to ask this guy whom I'd never met how his weekend in NYC was...heh. The web.

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