Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poll on Cars


  1. None of the above. You should get a Prius or a Honda Hybrid. Gas is more expensive in San Diego than anywhere else in California!

  2. Gas mileage breakdown: City/Highway
    Subaru Legacy 23/30
    Volvo V50 Wagon 22/30

    Honda CR-V 23/29
    Toyota Rav4 24/30
    Scion xB 30/34

    Honda Hybrid Accord 25/34
    Honda Hybrid Civic 49/51
    VW Diesel Jetta 35/42
    Toyota Prius 60/51

    Actually the hybrids were the first cars considered and *are* still in the running. It's definitely a conundrum when you're considering gas mileage and space in a car. Why the diesel wagons haven't hit the States yet, I can't figure out. With space (which we don't have in the other car) we figure we'll travel more and take up that building hobby; plus be able to get rid of/transport some shit (because, hypothetically, what's the point of having something more fuel efficient when you'll have to make two trips?).

    For a hybrid, I think the Accord's mileage is sorely disappointing, not to mention 10K more than the lowest priced regular model. As a former Civic owner it's hard for me not to consider the hybrid, but there's the space problem. The Jetta, same thing. The Prius we test drove, even thinking that it was the car we were going to buy, but were bummed to find ourselves not as enthusiastic after the drive.

    The Scion xB is the only other car we've test driven and we really liked it. It's not that big but functions more like a wagon or SUV when the back seats are down because it's not contending with the trunk. The gas mileage isn't bad and it looks even better when you consider the 14/15K vs. the rest of the cars.

    The wagons are the safest of their kind, but when considering gas again, I may as well go with the Toyota Rav4.

    By the time we decide, I'm sure all new models will have come out.

    And in case you didn't know of it, check out SanDiegoGasPrices.com

  3. I change my vote to the xB. Hybrids are a great idea but until they drop in price, the only benefit of buying a hybrid is that you feel good about your (lesser)vehicle emissions. Paying 10 grand more for an Accord doesn't make much sense for a young couple. Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to let go of 10 grand without much thought. In which case, all those kids with bad asthma because we the highways are full of cars and trucks emitting stinky exhaust will thank you.

  4. too hard to pick.
    but i chose the vw.