Monday, July 17, 2006

Release of Thom Yorke's Solo Debut

Seven days out of the gate and I haven't heard much about Thom Yorke's solo debut album, The Eraser. I've read good reviews on iTunes and Amazon, but am still waiting for the buzz in the blogosphere. Instead of listening to the snippets ("Analyse" catches my attention) on iTunes I suppose I could just buy the album, but I like Radiohead; so the idea of erasing the band leaves me feeling skeptical because I'm not sure that Yorke's voice, alone, will keep me reaching for the repeat button.

Also I just read Eats Shoots & Leaves on vacation and am not sure my use of the semi-colon above is correct. I feel like Lynn Truss wound up confusing me on the semi-colon whereas there was never much confusion before reading her book.


  1. I like it. Thom Yorke's voice is very pretty. It isn't as layered or interesting as a Radiohead album. It's more like a snack in between meals.

  2. I've heard the Fresh Air interview with him not once, but twice. Twice? Do I really listen to NPR that much so as to hear a rerun of Terry Gross and Thom Yorke talking about how his depression deepens his creativity?