Saturday, March 31, 2007


Finally. I found something cool AND productive to do with all that photography over on my Flickr account. Introducing, Moo. This London based company lets you directly access your photo account (which eliminates the hassle of uploading), select and crop your picks, and then print them on cards half the size of your average business card; complete with all the info you wish to include on the back. I just received my pack (within four days!) and people, they are NICE. Thick. Awesomely unique. And affordable. They use recycled material, but be forewarned that the satiny finish doesn't agree with most pens in the event you want to include some spur-of-the-moment extra info on it. Thin Sharpies do the trick, I've found.

Moo currently only works with Flickr, Fotolog, Bebo, or Habbo but I suspect they'll expand. I've been cutting slits into the card stock I use for sending thank yous to my potential employers to hold the card (much like the example in their blog); we'll see if that touch helps me out any...I've been going through the interviewing gauntlet more recently.

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