Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Foster Kittens

Go ahead and die when you look at these photos of the kittens we fostered and bottle-fed this past weekend. I was looking at the pets section on Craigslist on Friday (because I'm in constant denial that I'll never have a cat) when I read an ad posted by Cat Adoption Service of San Diego saying they had an urgent need for bottle feeder foster homes. I emailed an offered to help out very short-term if they were desperate enough. I figured Ryan's allergies could handle a weekend of kittens who are bound to a box anyway. Needless to say, they took us up on it--apparently feral cats are busy birthing at this time of the year. So it was cool because these kittens would have otherwise been euthanized. It got a little less cool when I had to potty them and continue feeding them every two hours through the night. I could handle the day, but every two hours during the night makes a person become quickly emotional. Hat tip to all you mothers out there.

Otherwise this ranks, by far, as the cutest experience I've ever had. They were passed along on Sunday night to another foster home that is able to raise them until they're ready for adoption. That killed me. I got attached. I totally want the little black kitten who would crawl into my palm, roll around on her back and play with my fingers. Then she'd crawl up to the crook of my neck and fall asleep there. :'( I miss them.

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  1. OMG, I want that kitten! You could have hidden the black one - they probably wouldn't have even noticed...