Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My First Earthquake

A little more than a week ago I woke up in the very early morning to the bed shaking...not quite shaking but shivering. In my sleepiness I wondered why Ryan was not only shivering, but shivering so slowly. Being the compassionate one, I pushed him to wake him up and asked if he was shivering because I believe this was also in the midst of our California heatwave--boo hoo, I know. Point is, shivering would have been ridiculous. I wouldn't have allowed it. No shivering in the heat. Not unless you've been sweating in the heatwave and then walked into an overly air-conditioned store or restaurant OR have a thyroid problem.

Anyway Ryan had NOT been shivering and while I felt the bed slowly shiver a few more times, he did not. I even swore there was a slight rumbling sound at which point I thought, oh my earthquake? crap. AN EARTHQUAKE...HOORAY! AN EARTHQUAKE!

I hopped out of bed that morning and went straight to the internet to read all the reports and accounts about the earthquake. I thought all the neighbors would be standing at the end of their sidewalks ready to talk about where they were and what they did when the earthquake hit. I was ready to chat it up with everyone but nothing. Nothing was reported. No one was hanging out outside. Just nothing. So then I was like, maybe it wasn't an earthquake...yeah...I guess car alarms would have gone off.

So later, I won't say where Ryan was sitting when he yells DID YOU FEEL THAT? I didn't feel it, but thought that if there was one place to feel an earthquake, it was probably Ryan's "chair," which happens to be very firmly attached to the ground. I didn't take it too seriously (because there would be reason for rumbling to happen in that chair. har), but still kept checking in on any reports. Nothing.

I wish I could remember specifically what date that was, but finally, FINALLY, I found some validation with a series of reports that have been posted about a series of earthquakes that have been happening around here. So I'm not crazy. And duh, this is old hat for SoCal residents. Kind of like this past Christmas when we were on a plane back to Cincinnati and while we were descending into Minnesota for our layover all the San Diegans were like, Ohhhh! Is that snow?! Wow! Snow! I just want to play in it! And I was like psshh. Idiots. And rolling my eyes at them.

Update: So my intention was NOT to post this on the same day as the Indonesian earthquakes. Total coincidence--no disrespect meant.


  1. the earthquakes were probably triggered by some covert military operation happening off the coastline..

  2. Cappylicious7:33 AM

    I think it was Ryan's ass on his "chair".

  3. I know, Cappy--don't you love how Ryan's trying to distract us?