Monday, October 22, 2007

Firestorm San Diego 2007!

Thanks to all the distant friends and family who have called/emailed to check up on us. Luckily our area isn't in danger of burning, but in the event we die of smoke inhalation, we love you was beautiful and nothing hurt.

Things are actually much better in our neighborhood for now than it was earlier (as seen in the photo taken yesterday), though I wish I could say the same for the areas where it's actually burning.

It's been an eerie feeling all day as the radio waves and TV stations announce evacuations of one city after another, schools shut down (including my class at SDSU tomorrow), the city shuts down, the normal air traffic overhead has changed its flight pattern, and Qualcomm Stadium lights up the end of our street with evacuees creating a traffic jam in the parking lot as opposed to the normal crowd on the surrounding highways. Needless to say it's made our third anniversary probably one of the most memorable that we'll have.

First we feel our first earthquake, then a couple of weeks ago there was a big landslide, now the fires...when's the tsunami coming?

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  1. Nice pics. I tried to take some yesterday, but they didn't look so hot. Er... I mean they didn't look so good.